of the static analysis of the arch dam Karakaya in Turkey
by Dr. sc. techn. ETH Rudolf Trinkner

4. Dam Geometry


The element mesh was created such that the nodes lie on the shear surface of the dam (see Appendix, Image 1 and Image 2).

The thickness of each element matches the local dam stiffness in its centre of gravity. The boundary between the dam body and the surrounding rocks was determined under usage of the final excavation plans.

Appendix, Image 3 shows an axial projection of the finite element mesh from water side. The vertical construction joints above 600 m.a.s.l. do not appear to be vertical; consequently the monoliths near the abutments appear to be smaller than those in the centre of the dam. This is due to the type of projection – and due to inconsistencies in the thickness of the dam. Appen-dix, Image 4 better explains this curiosity.